John Wesley Wright
The Law Of Pine Mountain

John Wright, native of Letcher County, Kentucky, was generally known as "Bad" or "Devil" John Wright, descriptions that were warmly used by his neighbors and friends. These nicknames were also attributed to him by his enemies, but assuredly in 'not so warm' a manner. It was common knowledge that to have lawman John Wright tracking an outlaw was to have the Devil himself at their heels and though this was an attribute among those of good moral fiber, it made John an enemy of the more despicable. There were other nicknames associated with him, such as "The Tall Sycamore", and most frequently in Eastern Kentucky was "The Law Of Pine Mountain". Undeniably John Wright in essence was the law in Letcher and Pike and surrounding Counties. It was John Wright that the citizens of the county looked to when law and order needed to be enforced.