Marshall Benton Taylor

Alias "The Red Fox", was a man of medium build, thin and rather stoop shouldered. He was 56 years of age when the massacre of the Mullins Family occurred. By this time in his life, Doc Taylor was quite bald at the crown of his head which touches of grey appearing in the reddish brown hair that covered the lower part of his head on either side and behind. He sported a fringe of red whiskers of a much deeper color than his hair which extended down either cheek and under his chin, his upper lip being clean shaven. He was said to have a good forehead and his countenance indicated a degree of intelligence above average. And from all claims and accounts, Doc was one of the most unique men ever to walk the hills of eastern Kentucky. He was known as an herb and medical doctor, spiritualist, United States Marshall and Revenue Agent. John Fox, Jr, recognized these qualities when he characterized him as "The Red Fox" in his book, "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine", a title long before attributed to Doc Taylor.