Samuel Wright

was the seventh child of Joel & Susannah Wright and the last of their children to be born in Russell County, Virginia. He was born in Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia on June 22, 1822 and died October 1, 1906 at his home on Beefhide Creek, Letcher County, Kentucky. The story is told that Samuel was just an infant when his parents moved from Virginia to the area of Perry County, Kentucky that later became Letcher County, Kentucky. His mother, Susannah Wright, is supposed to have ridden horseback and carried the baby Samuel in her arms on this move. Samuel lived most of his married life on Beefhide Creek which at the time of his marriage was in Pike County, Kentucky but after a change in the Letcher County and Pike County boundary lines in 1884 was located in Letcher County, Kentucky.

Samuel was a farmer, a carpenter, and a Methodist Circuit Rider. He would ride to Long Fork and stand on a stump in the middle of a field and preach to the people. During the Civil War he tried to remain neutral and thus was preyed on by both the Union and Confederate forces foraging for food and guns.

Samuel was married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth Adams, d/o William & Christina (Crace) Adams, and although a record of their marriage has not been located, we have estimated they were married about 1842 based on the date of birth of their first child and on tax list information that shows Samuel as the head of his own household in 1843. Elizabeth was born ca 1823/24 and died 13 Aug 1872. Elizabeth (Adams) Wright had two children before she and married Samuel - George Adams and Clarissa Rucker. Samuel & Elizabeth had 9 children.

Samuel married the second time to twenty-two year old Margaret Addington, d/o William & Nancy (Kilgore) Addington, of Virginia. Samuel & Margaret had 9 children also. Margaret lived about 20 years after Samuel's death. She was born October 1850 and died in 1925.