Thomas Talton Hall

-“Bad Talt” Hall was born in October of 1849 in Floyd County, Kentucky.  He was the ninth child born to David Hall (b. 1804 in Halifax County, Virginia, d. 1860 in Floyd County, Kentucky) and Anna Johnson Hall (b. 1803 in Floyd County, Kentucky, d. 1880 in Floyd County, Kentucky).  The Hall home was a log cabin on Beaver Creek, a fork of Rockhouse Creek in Letcher County on the Kentucky River.   

Talt was a lifelong friend of Devil John Wright.  They were as close as brothers. In fact, Talt’s sister Eleanor “Nellie” had married John’s uncle William J. Bates so they were actually Branch Kin.

Talt and John fought together for the Confederacy in the Civil War, serving in D Company of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry, combined with Diamond’s 10th Kentucky Cavalry known as “The Yankee Chasers”.   They were both captured in the last battle they fought together and sent to Cincinnati as POWs.  Once there, they were conscripted into the Union Army in the Ohio 22nd Infantry Regiment and shipped to Little Rock, Arkansas.  After the war they remained close friends even though Talt left Kentucky and lived in Texas for three years.  The old grudges and hatred brought on by the war were too much for him.  He did not return to Kentucky until 1868. 

Talt married Marinda “Rinda” Triplett (twin sister of Marilda Triplett) on October 12, 1868.   Rinda was born in 1847 in Floyd County, Kentucky, d. June 7, 1888 in Memphis, Tennessee under the assumed name of Marinda Hill.  She and Talt had fled Kentucky with their children and were living under aliases to avoid detection from Talt’s numerous enemies and feudists in Kentucky.  Rinda was the daughter of Wilson Triplett (b. 1822, d. February 14, 1912) and Eleanor Isaac Triplett (b. 1820, d. 1861).

Talt fought alongside Devil John through many of the Eastern Kentucky feuds. He also served as a Special Bailiff of the Court for Letcher County, Kentucky for a time and as a U.S. Marshall for the Eastern District of Kentucky from 1878 until the early 1880s.

Talt and Marinda had five children, a son Floyd Hall b. 1869 d. September 10, 1875.  Their other children were son Maryland Byrd, b. 1872, son Marion b. 1875, daughter Evaline b. 1879, daughter Sophia b. 1883, and daughter Annie b. 1885.

In 1891 Talt shot and killed Enos B. Hilton, a police officer in Norton, Virginia during a struggle.  He fled back to Memphis, Tennessee where he had been living. He was arrested in December of 1891 and brought back to Wise, Virginia.  Talt was tried and found guilty of murder.  He was sentenced to death by hanging, the first such event ever to take place in the little mountain town. 

On September 2, 1892 the sentence was carried out. Devil John took possession of Talt’s body and took him back across Pound Gap to bury him in the Wright family cemetery in Dunham, Kentucky where John’s sons James and Johnny Phillip rested with other Wright family members.